Social Committee

Provides opportunities for community interaction, entertainment, recreational gatherings and events for the membership of the community. It does the planning for each event, including the theme, decorations, menu and activities. A few of the popular events in recent years have included a tailgate party, wild west night, Super Bowl Party, trivia night, Bingo, ice cream social, concerts in the park and the annual Christmas and Pool Opening parties.

Caring Committee

Outreach includes welcome visits to new residents and hosting a community fall social recognizing new residents in the previous year. It is a supportive presence during and following illness and hospitalization by sending cards and providing meals and transportation when needed. In the event of a death, it is acknowledged with a plant or contribution to a family designated charity in honor and remembrance of the deceased.

Landscape Committee 

Oversees matters affecting grounds, yards and plantings around any unit, subject to the approval of the SOHA Board. Reviews and approves requests by homeowners for landscape changes. Identifies landscape maintenance violations as stated in CC&Rs and ARRs, and works with SOHA Board and property owner to correct the violation.

Safety and Security Committee

Monitors all aspects of safety and security exposures to residents. Makes recommendations, proposed measures and programs to the Board reducing such exposures. Maintains secure access to gates and facility doors. Monitors video surveillance system. Sends ALERTS out to the community as needed to make residents aware of issues of immediate concern.

Architectural Committee

Oversees any issue that deals with the exterior appearance of any structure in the Community.  Reviews and approves requests by homeowners for exterior changes in the home.

Newsletter Committee

The SOHA newsletter is a monthly source of pertinent information for the community, including a summary of all the work of the community, the Board, and the committees.  It is delivered on-line, with print copies provided to those who prefer them.  The newsletter’s aim is to contribute to fostering a positive environment within our community by providing a communication channel, educating about resources, and engaging residents in social activities.

Judicial Committee

Appointed as needed and responsible for assisting the Board and the Management Company with owner’s compliance of governing documents and the ARRs.

Finance Committee

Assists the Board with all aspects of the Community’s finances including but not limited to assessments, budgets, accounts, reserve studies and record keeping.

Maintenance Committee

Addresses and prioritizes actions necessary to conserve and maintain community assets and resources. Monitors community infrastructure and facilities to ensure all are properly maintained.

Nominating Committee

Appointed once per year and identifies persons in the community with applicable skills and willingness to serve on the Board.